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Monday, January 2, 2012

Buttons Japan Geisha Satsuma

There could be kinds of beautiful Japanese pottery and porcelain ranging from large bowls and small vases and ceremonial bowls tea cups, but in my opinion and antiques collectors, there's nothing better than Buttons Geisha Japanese Satsuma. These earthenware small round buttons make it Satsuma region on the southern island of Japan in the 19th century and copy across the world because of the popularity of his style and value.

Satsuma buttons usually about 1 inch in diameter and are bought in a set of 6 set out to thread a small piece of cardboard or strap. Ceramics is the soft, white or beige in color and always off the most amazing features hand-painted designs and complex images. Enamel painted images are probably the main reason why people are attracted to Satsuma pottery. Artwork is always very detailed and contains images of Japan. Although Satsuma Buttons are too small, this does not mean that the image has lost all its detail and complexity. Landscapes, faces, buildings and animals decorate the faces of all the buttons. Perhaps the most common image will be Satsuma buttons pictures of flowers and plants. As this will be wearing buttons from women, images of a subject usually very feminine.

Buttons are decorated in a variety of colors, including the use of gold enamel. Once the image is applied, the pottery is covered with a thin transparent glaze that is then slowly heated and cooled several times quickly. This process provides buttons Satsuma pottery and other features of their famous, crackled glaze. For some, it can make the buttons appear older than they actually are, this kind of gloss is designed in fact to be this way. This was one of many reasons that make it unique and highly collectible pieces and this is a great way to identify objects when buying at auction.

Wear as a set of 6 buttons, sewing on a dress or kimono, one can imagine the kind of people of Japan would have to eat these buttons hundreds of years ago. Each button has a hole in the back office that allows parts to be attached to clothing with yarn. If you are able to collect a set of buttons that remain attached to the card support, then these will be particularly valuable.

Throughout the period that the buttons are made, the name and style of Satsuma pottery became very popular throughout the world. Factories that made small pieces of pottery stands alongside other mass-producing and copying the styles and designs for export to America and Europe. Satsuma is the term used to describe how the piece will look. Detailed artwork and cracked glaze became the signature style of pottery and people use it. Some buttons are made overseas in countries such as China, marked as Satsuma and then re-sold.


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